I'm not going to help them.

My father doesn't like soccer.

I don't want Glen to see that.

We all understand.

I had to consider what might happen.

Is it wrong that I'm enjoying this?


They're our friends.

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Srivatsan is something of a musician.

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Wolves hunt reindeer.

She ended up in the hospital.

I hope you know where you're going.

Trying and Julie were both sitting in front of the fireplace.

We can stay here if you want.

I bet that translating this text will be really easy.

His ambition made him work hard.


Would you like something to drink?

Your threats don't scare me at all.

I just saw her driving away.


Tareq wants to say something.


This is a story full of intrigue, love, betrayal and secrets.


Shatter seems to be more interested in making money than in helping others.


The successful concert tour established her reputation as a singer.

I deserve that.

Her ashes are interred here.

We'll have to wait for Kiki's response.

I have nothing more to say.

Did I just do that?

Jussi currently manages a hotel not too far from here.

Why don't I just go talk to Patty?

A cow cannot jump from the tree like a unicorn.

She was born with underdeveloped lungs, but eventually a few steroid shots set her straight.

Kolkka got up to help Wolf.


You can't do that to them.

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We don't have time to wait.

You're welcome to come back anytime.

Don't tell her anything.

Dwight wanted to get married, but Dewey didn't.

I help my mother in the evening.

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Love loves love.

He got hoarse from so much shouting.

You have no idea!


She gave him some food.

Why don't you just fire Ninja?

Have you learned nothing from your mistakes?

He found my bicycle.

It's no use pretending to make me believe that I believe things you don't believe!

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Today the teacher took "Chinese culture" as a topic.

I took the radio apart to repair it.

What a woman!


What's your favorite brand of soap?

Ping's somewhere in the park.

Please give that to me.


There are many rivers in India.

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Do you like Italian food?


Hume isn't my boyfriend. He's just a friend.

Bobby and his friends sat around the campfire and roasted marshmallows.

Erwin fired his revolver at the man who had just killed Vick.

Is it OK if I use that?

How many humps would an offspring of a Bactrian and a dromedary camel get?


He is probably still alive.

Please have a seat, Liz.

For the past 10 years, I've fed my dog dry dog food.

Get away from my son.

I don't take life lightly.


The birds fly below the clouds.

How many drinks did you have?

Some of them are healthy, but others are not healthy.


I'll see to it that we complete this project on time.

The company decided to skimp on the quality of its products to boost the profit margin.

If you eat too much of this food, you may get a sore throat.

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What impressed you most?

The policeman caught the fleeing thief by the arm.

As much as I tried, I never managed to beat the final boss.

We'd better be fast.

You were supposed to tell Caroline that.

They have imitated his style in all areas except those that require special skill.

What do you need me for?

Sorrel tried to open the drawer, but it was stuck.

Fletcher could be here any minute.


My mom will freak out.


You must not think about your immediate profit only.

Rudolph seems fussy.

People are depending on you.

They're correct.

I pride myself on my humility.

I'll show you how to do it.

How about you buy me a drink?

Charleen told Jin he thought she wasn't a very good driver.

Panzer wasn't able to carry all of the books.

The New Testament underscores the importance of this typological number.

I just wanted to give you this.

He carries his umbrella about with him every day.

I'm not sure I want to do anything.


I haven't seen Xiaowang for a month now; perhaps he's already gone back to his own country.

Fritz has a lot of questions to ask you.

She was carried away by the man's charm.

She has some freckles.

Food supplies at the fort were very low.

I actually love my job.

It's freezing cold in here.

I was up all night writing this report.

It will do for ordinary purposes.

Spelling is writing or saying, in the correct sequence, the letters that make up a word.

Now start singing.

We find him not guilty.

Unfortunately, my neighbor had a traffic accident and fell into a coma.

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This is a high speed train.


Pedro has no sisters.


I want a new house.

The media got wind of a rumor about his engagement and came quickly.

They talked about various subjects.

The blueblood lady held the simple folks in disdain. In her eyes, they all looked boors with a brusque style, despite the fact that this time it is owing to them that she had roof above her head.

They're going to have a lot more questions than we do.

She was hysterically crying.

The disabled considered her their best advocate.

Robert said he wanted my help.

If you don't go, I won't, either.

My grandfather often nods over his newspaper.

Why am I here?


I haven't seen Scot in weeks.

I have enjoyed reading this novel.

He finds it difficult to keep up with the rest of the class.

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I shopped around for my computer and ended up paying $200 less than David.

I can't say I'm sorry to hear that.

Would you like me to tell the truth?

Has he any children?

There must be enough space between you and the car in front of you.

Would you like to hear the new song I'm working on?

I never meant for this to happen.

No, that still doesn't satisfy me.

Creationism is bullshit.


Besides smoking, my father drinks.


We demand a raise!

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Thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes, with one chain of thy neck.

We have to figure out a way to get this job finished by Monday.

How much did you pay for that suit?

Imogen of the Internet has only been photographed by cheap webcams and cell phones.

I drank a glass of red wine after dinner.


He can be relied on.

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How in the world did you find me?

I was born on October 10, 1972.

I'm pretty sure Belinda doesn't know how to swim.

I really don't know what you're talking about.

Glenn has two girlfriends.

Let me talk to her alone.

All of us were excited with the result of the experiment.

I want to do what's best for both of us.

Of course you have to pay. What did you think?

Seenu seems tired.

I'm telling you, I'm not going.

Sooner or later, someone is going to have to tell Mayo that he needs to behave himself.

We've got this problem licked.

Hillel's mother had misgivings about Tharen marrying Moe.

I think it's great to go walking.


I don't slice their bread.

I like this game.

He ran a hand through his hair.

I enjoy communicating with people.

The larger church organs use infrasound, which people do not hear, but feel as vibrations in their bodies.

He has not realized his mistakes yet.

Tell Kikki.


What do you like on your salad?

I didn't have to ask, since I already knew the answer.

The fact is that I don't know anything about him.